Industry Leader John Zenes Joins M.Network

John Zenes

John Zenes is looking to help others find success.

John Zenes has reached the highest ranks of three direct sales companies. He has generated millions in revenue. Surprisingly, John Zenes’ background is that of a high school dropout dishwasher. He only has a tenth-grade education and had no network when he set out in to the industry.

Despite making full-time incomes at his three previous companies, he was not happy. Zenes said, “I felt like I was renting space for the last five years - I didn’t have a home.” Zenes has been in the industry for 20 years. He said he entered the industry for two reasons, “I wanted to make money, and I wanted to help others who didn’t have the means, reach success.” Ultimately, his driving force was a need to help others.

Zenes said his goal was to make it a good experience for everybody and at the previous companies, even though he had made millions, he did not feel good about it. “It’s great to get to the top of the comp plan but you want to help other people reach success, and most companies are seen as the top three percent winning off 97 percent not winning - the bottom is always feeding the top,” said Zenes.

Zenes was very reluctant to join another direct sales company. He said a friend and mentor, Andy Willoughby reached out to him over fifteen times. He ignored him because he did not want to hear what he had to say and did not expect anything to be truly different. Eventually, he broke down and heard him out. “The product, people, pricing are different.” Zenes said, “Finally, I saw an opportunity for 100 percent of the people to truly have an opportunity to win.”

Zenes said he was searching for a company with integrity and he has found that in his new home. “At the end of the day, your personal integrity is all you have to stand by, and you have to treat people right,” said Zenes. He went on to say this is a no excuse company in which you do not have to be embarrassed or make excuses.

Zenes is looking forward to having a voice within the M.Network and assisting in the global expansion. M.Network appreciates the opportunity to work with such a developed leader in the industry.

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Source: M.Network

Source: M.Network