Josh Wyles, Top Industry Leader, Joins M.Network

Josh Wyles

Josh Wyles has a true rags-to-riches story. He went from working as a police officer, earning $30,000 a year, to retiring after earning multiple six figures in his first year. He was a police officer for just under five years before being introduced to network marketing. It changed his life. “It’s surreal, to remember just five years ago I was broke, living on food stamps in a camper in my grandparents' backyard, to traveling the world and earning more in a month than I used to earn in a whole year,” Wyles said. 

Why M
Wyles said he saw many differences with M.Network. He had never seen anything like M•STIKs before and was impressed with how well they work. “I wanted something fresh, something that has a unique top of the line product but was affordable and practical for the average person.” He said he appreciates it not being a “me too” company and he’s glad the whole family can enjoy the product without adding extra expenses to the household. “From a business perspective, the sheer simplicity of sharing M.Network, coupled with our leadership who puts members first, makes it by far the most unique and genre-shattering company in the profession,” Wyles said. “At M, we are bridging the gap between relationships and business, and I think that is what the industry has needed for a long time.” 

Introduction to Network Marketing
“I think similar to many, I’ve dabbled in a few more companies than I’ve taken seriously but with my first network marketing company I was able to retire from the police force after about six months in the business,” Wyles said. He was with his first company for just under a year. He then went on to his second company where he became one of the top ten distributors and earned multiple six figures his first year. He continued to earn top-level income and was with that company for nearly four years. 

"At M, we are bridging the gap between relationships and business, and I think that is what the industry has needed for a long time."

Josh Wyles

A Personal Why
Every successful person needs a purpose and driving force - their why. His personal why centers around his two young daughters. “My why is to show my daughters there is an incredible world out there, a big world full of beauty and fun and positivity,” said Wyles. He wants to ensure they know there is more to life than what they otherwise would otherwise see. Wyles continued, “M.Network is our vehicle to not only give us the financial freedom to explore and experience this wonderful world but also keep us in the best environment with the best people.”  

Establishing a Legacy 
With two young daughters, legacy is important to Wyles. “M is a trendsetter and something you can build with the knowledge that it will honor your legacy,” Wyles said. “M is going to surprise, and I honestly believe it will be the positive change the industry needs.” With M booming in growth, he looks forward to what the future entails. “As M continues to build, I hope to see an explosion of winners, not just financially but also in health and social status,” Wyles said. “We are helping people become better in all aspects of life, and it’s going to be so exciting to watch so many winners emerge.”

Source: M.Network

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